About the Company

1984 - Scrublin Tool Company was established in 1984 as a small business operating out of Gary Selva's garage. Like other startup businesses, Gary started small, machining parts for local motorcycle racers and friends.  Over time Scrublin grew from a shop boasting one manual mill to a company that had a manual lathe, small CNC mill and assorted sheet metal equipment. 

Along the way the company begin to do part time work with small R&D groups within larger corporations.  This established our Scrublin's nitch, working in research and development on prototypes or short run parts.  

1998 - Gary left Physical Electronics to allow him to focus all of his efforts on the business. That same year Scrublin Tool was incorporated with the State of Minnesota. The company's primary goal was to seek out the challenging machining others might not be able to do.   

1999 - Gordy Wanger joined Gary in the business and helped it grow


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