Our Business Associates

Our aim at Scrublin is to produce the finest quality product at the best possible price. Realizing that there will be times when what our customers are asking us to do goes beyond our operational ability, we have found it useful and product to partner with other companies with the necessary skill sets and materials in order to meet and exceed our customer's expectations and job requirements. On large projects we have found it very useful to team up with other specialists in their respective fields to bring you an accurate, functional product.


For our UHV and general welding, we look to Rick and Lori at Advanced Welding Technologies, Inc.  Their background is in the ultra high vacuum industry where cleanliness and weld integrity is a priority.  Using TIG, they do freehand, orbital, and glove box welding of stainless, aluminum, titanium, tantalum, and molybdenum.  A mass spectrometer leak detector verifies the UHV welds.  They also have laser cutting capabilities for both tubing and sheet stock.

From fine welding of precision stainless steel parts to buttery smooth aluminum beads, you'll be impressed by the quality of their work.  Feel free to contact them at aweldtek@msn.com


For our design needs, we partner with Anderson-Deutsch, Inc.  Anderson-Deutsch. Inc. offers product design services and specializes in fast track projects, innovative design, CAD design and documentation. They have extensive experience in plastic parts and products, mechanism design, machine design, industrial design and electromechanical products. Products completed on time and in budget. For a list of satisfied customers, E-mail at adi4design@aol.com


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