What We Do

Suppose you're in need of some parts machined from exotic materials.  Maybe you have a package of prints that form a new sub-assembly of your company's product. Here are some examples of how we may be of service to you: 

Turning to Milling - From turning to milling, most parts can be completed here.  Scrublin does small production runs, from one to fifty parts.  We have taken on larger production runs as our capacity has increased.  

UHV - We have years of experience machining for the Ultra High Vacuum industry.  We follow correct UHV practices relating to cleanliness, coolants, outgassing techniques, and weldments.

Special Use Materials - We're experienced with a wide range of uncommon and expensive materials.  For those in UHV, we machine molybdenum, tantalum, titanium, and machinable ceramic.  We also work with many plastics, as well as common metals such as stainless steel and aluminum.

Sketches and Drawings - We can work from sketches, CAD drawings, or verbal instructions.  This saves the expense of full documentation until further along in the project when parts are closer to being released.  We've worked from mold drawings to machine plastic parts from solid, out of the correct material.  This was done to verify the drawings and test the parts before building expensive molds.

Dimensioning Flexibility - We are accustomed to Metric as well as English dimensioning.  We have Metric tooling and inspection equipment.


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