What We Offer

Before going with a production shop, it is good to ask some questions.  Which precision shop can complete your project?  Many shops are set up for running your production and have the machines, specialized tooling, and machine operators to turn out accurate parts, run after run.  The question is, do they have the craftsmen to timely deliver a quality, hard to machine prototype part?  Will they work with you through many iterations until the part is refined for production?  

Why do our customers keep coming back to Scrublin Tool Company year after year for their modeling needs? Here are 10 good reasons:   

  • Experience - We have employees with varied backgrounds who bring their unique perspectives to the table. When a project comes up we can make the prototypes using minimum tooling, with an eye toward a larger beta run requiring processes, more in-depth programming and fixturing. This can lead to quicker testing and rapid product development.
  • Personalized Customer Service -  We're not happy if you're not happy. It's as simple as that. We want your business now and in the future and will go the extra mile or ten to insure that we've met and exceeded your expectations. You have our word on that.
  • Design Flexibility - We can work from sketches, CAD drawings, or verbal instructions.  This saves the expense of full documentation until further along in the project when parts are closer to being released.  We've worked from mold drawings to machine plastic parts from solid, out of the correct material.  This was done to verify the drawings and test the parts before building expensive molds.
  • UHV Experience - We have years of experience machining for the Ultra High Vacuum industry.  We follow correct UHV practices relating to cleanliness, coolants, outgassing techniques, and weldments. We're experienced with a wide range of materials.  For those in UHV, we machine molybdenum, tantalum, titanium, and machinable ceramic.  We also work with many plastics, as well as common metals such as stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Manufacturing Capabilities -  Do you have something out for CE testing and need a quick high Mu magnetic shield for some electronics?  We've done it.Do you need to clone some parts from an obsolete system?  We've worked from broken parts, old drawings, and pictures.
  • Local Service - From turning and milling to precision sheet metal, most parts can be completed here. If your model shop is busy, you can have the confidence to send overflow work outside to meet your deadlines.
  • Scalability - Scrublin does small production runs, from one to fifty parts.  We have taken on larger production runs as our capacity has increased.
  • Quality Control - We're aware that changes happen in mid-project and it's all part of the R&D process.  By having the package and knowing of each part's placement, we can catch common mistakes, such as wrong sized clearance holes or fit problems.  During the R&D stage, we can also help with manufacturability issues.
  • Printing and Shipping - Print files can be sent via E-Mail.  We prefer DXF files for the GibbsCAM manufacturing software and AutoCAD use.  PDF extensions are fine for quoting purposes. Using FedEx , UPS , Fax, E-Mail, and courier services, we can receive prints and get parts out to you faster.  We ship parts to Europe as well as rush orders across town.
  • Quick Turnaround Times - At Scrublin Tool Company, we do everything that we can to provide fast turnaround times to all of the jobs we do and the industries we serve. Your time is valuable. We do our best to accommodate changes in the schedule or rush redlined drawings knowing the customer has a fixed timetable. If parts are in need of changes, same day rework and delivery are not uncommon. When the prototyping and testing is done, we have more insight into the finished parts. We can then produce them in quantities prior to injection molding or large scale production.

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